Sitemap - 2022 - The Gradient

The Gradient Podcast: 2022 Roundup

Mini-Update #7: Stable Diffusion 3 Policy and data2vec 2.0

Update #39: Uber's Faulty Facial Recognition in India and The First Learning on Graphs Conference

Melanie Mitchell: Abstraction and Analogy in AI

Mini Update #6: SF Reverses Lethal Robot Plan and ChatGPT

Marc Bellemare: Distributional Reinforcement Learning

Update #38: Lethal Robots in SF and CICERO (w/ co-author Hugh Zhang)

Learning to Make the Right Mistakes - a Brief Comparison Between Human Perception and Multimodal LMs

François Chollet: Keras and Measures of Intelligence

Mini Update #5: NVIDIA/Microsoft Partnership and Magic3D

Article Early Access | Learning to Make the Right Mistakes - a Brief Comparison Between Human Perception and Multimodal LMs

Update #37: ICLR Reviews Get Spicy and How Much Attention Actually Attends

Yoshua Bengio: The Past, Present, and Future of Deep Learning

Kanjun Qiu and Josh Albrecht: Generally Intelligent

Mini Update #4: Google's Location Tracking and the ESM Metagenomic Atlas

Nathan Benaich: The State of AI Report

Gradient Update #36: Argo AI shuts down and Convolutions are great for sequence modeling

Announcing Sigmoid Social, a Twitter Alternative by and for the AI Community

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Matt Sheehan: China's AI Strategy and Governance

Mini Update #3: Meta's New Speech Translation System and Guiding Formal Theorem Provers

Luis Voloch: AI and Biology

Update #35: AI Bill of Rights and Unifying Language Learning Paradigms

Podcast Break: Some Favorites

Mini Update #2: 2022 State of AI Report Released, AlphaTensor

Zachary Lipton: Where Machine Learning Falls Short

Update #34: Text-to-Video and ICLR Highlights

Stuart Russell: The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Mini-Update #1: Whisper and Human Motion Diffusion

Varun Ganapathi: AKASA, AI and Healthcare

Update #33: Meta Oversight Board Cases and Symmetries + Loss Basins in Neural Networks

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Demos

Joel Lehman: Open-Endedness and Evolution through Large Models

Andrew Feldman: Cerebras and AI Hardware

Update #32: Chips can't go to China and Cold Diffusion

Christopher Manning: Linguistics and the Development of NLP

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Causal Inference: Connecting Data and Reality

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Jeff Clune: Genetic Algorithms, Quality-Diversity, Curiosity

Update #31: Expectations for AI + Healthcare and 8-bit Quantization

Catherine Olsson and Nelson Elhage: Anthropic, Understanding Transformers

Article Early Access | Causal Inference: Connecting Data and Reality

The Future of Speech Recognition: Where Will We Be in 2030?

Been Kim: Interpretable Machine Learning

Article Early Access | The Future of Speech Recognition: Where Will We Be in 2030?

Gradient Update #31: Autonomous Driving in 2022 and Transformers Learning In-Context

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Laura Weidinger: Ethical Risks, Harms, and Alignment of Large Language Models

Gradient Update #30: AI Art and Reliable Pretrained Language Models

Symmetries, Scaffolds, and a New Era of Scientific Discovery

Sebastian Raschka: AI Education and Research

Article Early Access | Symmetries, Scaffolds, and a New Era of Scientific Discovery

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Overview of Graph Theory and Alzheimer's Disease

Lt. General Jack Shanahan: AI in the DoD, Project Maven, and Bridging the Tech-DoD Gap

Gradient Update #29: No Language Left Behind and Democratized Transformer Training

Sara Hooker: Cohere For AI, the Hardware Lottery, and DL Tradeoffs

Lukas Biewald: Crowdsourcing at CrowdFlower and ML Tooling at Weights & Biases

Gradient Update #28: China's Surveillance State and CVPR Best Paper

Chip Huyen: Machine Learning Tools and Systems

Preetum Nakkiran: An Empirical Theory of Deep Learning

Gradient Update #27: Face Search Engine or Stalkerware? And a New LLM Benchmark

Max Woolf: Data Science at BuzzFeed and AI Content Generation

Lessons from the GPT-4Chan Controversy

Rosanne Liu: Paths in AI Research and ML Collective

Gradient Update #26: Facial Recognition in the Real World and Large Language Model Advances

Announcing the Winners of the 2nd Gradient Prize!

AI is Ushering In a New Scientific Revolution

Ben Green: "Tech for Social Good" Needs to Do More

Working on the Weekends - an Academic Necessity?

Max Braun: Teaching Robots to Help People in their Everyday Lives

Gradient Update #25: Algorithmic Child Neglect Screening and A Generalist Agent

Yejin Choi: Teaching Machines Common Sense and Morality

Lessons From Deploying Deep Learning To Production

David Chalmers on AI and Consciousness

Gradient Update #24: Robotaxis in Beijing and a Multi-task Visual Language Model

Deep Learning in Neuroimaging

Beyond Message Passing: a Physics-Inspired Paradigm for Graph Neural Networks

The Gradient is 4 years old!

Greg Yang on Communicating Research, Tensor Programs, and µTransfer

Gradient Update #23: DALL-E 2 and Grounding Language in Robotic Affordances

AI Startups and the Hunt for Tech Talent in Vietnam

Gradient Update #22: Turing Award for High Performance Computing, Finding Bugs in Games with CLIP

New Technology, Old Problems: The Missing Voices in Natural Language Processing

Gradient Update #21: Russia's AI-powered Drones and RB2

Nick Walton on AI Dungeon and the Future of AI in Games

Gradient Update #20: New Chinese Regulations, DeepNet

Gradient Update #19: Woes of the IRS, Deep RL in Nuclear Fusion

One Voice Detector to Rule Them All

How Aristotle is Fixing Deep Learning's Flaws

Gradient Update #18: DeepMind's AlphaCode is an Average Programmer, Bellman Error is bad for RL

How AI is Changing Chemical Discovery

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How AI is Changing Chemical Discovery

Connor Leahy on EleutherAI, Replicating GPT-2/GPT-3, AI Risk and Alignment

The Gradient Update #17: OpenAI's InstructGPT is less toxic than GPT-3, Facebook introduces data2vec to tackle learning from speech, vision, and language

Engaging with Disengagement

Article Early Access | Engaging with Disengagement

Percy Liang on Machine Learning Robustness, Foundation Models, and Reproducibility

The Gradient Update #16: China's World-leading Surveillance Research and a ConvNet for the 2020s

A Science Journalist’s Journey to Understand AI

Eric Jang on Robots Learning at Google and Generalization via Language