Jun 30 • 48M

Chip Huyen: Machine Learning Tools and Systems

A conversation with Chip Huyen, co-founder of real-time ML startup Claypot AI and author of Designing Machine Learning Systems

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In episode 32 of The Gradient Podcast, Andrey Kurenkov speaks to Chip Huyen.

Chip Huyen is a co-founder of Claypot AI, a platform for real-time machine learning. Previously, she was with Snorkel AI and NVIDIA. She teaches CS 329S: Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford. She has also written four bestselling Vietnamese books, and more recently her new O’Reilly book Designing Machine Learning Systems has just come out! 

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She also maintains a Discord server with a focus on Machine Learning Systems.


  • (00:00) Intro

  • (01:30) 3-year trip through Asia, Africa, and South America

  • (04:00) Getting into AI at Stanford

  • (11:30) Confession of a so-called AI expert

  • (16:40) Academia vs Industry

  • (17:40) Focus on ML Systems

  • (20:00) ML in Academia vs Industry

  • (28:15) Maturity of AI in Industry

  • (31:45) ML Tools

  • (37:20) Real Time ML

  • (43:00) ML Systems Class and Book