The Update

Biweekly updates covering recent AI news and research

In which we discuss Baidu and's license to operate AVs without safety drivers in Beijing and DeepMind's new visual language model Flamingo.
In which we discuss how DALL-E 2's potential uses are influenced by OpenAI's business model and an exciting method that allows language model outputs to…
In which we discuss Turing awardee and HPC pioneer Jack Dongarra and CLIP's zero-shot capabilities applied to game physics.
In which we discuss Russia's use of AI-powered drones in Ukraine and a new benchmarking system for robotic manipulation.
In which we discuss China's new regulations on recommendation algorithms and a 1000-layer transformer.
In which we cover non-facial recognition options for the IRS to verify identity and DeepMind's recent application of deep reinforcement learning to…
In which we cover DeepMind's new paper on AlphaCode, a paper showing the Bellman error is not a good surrogate for value error, and more!
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