The Gradient Podcast

Interviews with various people who research, build, or use AI, including academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.

David Chalmers on AI and ConsciousnessListen now | An interview with David Chalmers, renowned philosopher of mind and professor at NYU.
Greg Yang on Communicating Research, Tensor Programs, and µTransferAn interview with Greg Yang, scientist at Microsoft Research focused on understanding large neural networks via the Tensor Programs framework.
Nick Walton on AI Dungeon and the Future of AI in GamesAn interview with Nick Walton, the creator of AI Dungeon and the CEO and Co-Founder of Latitude
How AI is Changing Chemical DiscoveryAn audio version of our article on how computational approaches are used not just to assist lab experiments but to guide them
Reflections on Foundation Models An audio version of our article on foundation models -- a charged yet increasingly important topic
Connor Leahy on EleutherAI, Replicating GPT-2/GPT-3, AI Risk and AlignmentAn interview with Connor Leahy, an AI researcher focused on understanding large AI models and aligning them to human values, and a co-founder of…
Percy Liang on Machine Learning Robustness, Foundation Models, and ReproducibilityAn interview with Percy Liang, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and the director of the Center for Research on…
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