The Gradient Podcast

Interviews with various people who research, build, or use AI, including academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.

Chelsea Finn on Meta Learning & Model Based Reinforcement LearningAn interview Stanford Professor Chelsea Finn, whose research deals with the capability of robots and other agents to develop broadly intelligent behavi…
Devi Parikh on Generative Art & AI for CreativityAn interview with Devi Parikh, a professor at Georgia Tech whose research focuses on CV, NLP, embodied AI, human-AI collaboration, and AI for creativity
Sergey Levine on Robot Learning & Offline RLAn interview with professor Sergey Levine, who researches Deep Reinforcement Learning with an emphasis on robotics, Offline Reinforcement Learning, and…
Jeremy Howard on Kaggle, Enlitic, and fast.aiAn interview with Jeremy Howard, a founding researcher at, an institute dedicated to making deep learning more accessible
Evan Hubinger on Effective Altruism and AI SafetyAn interview with Evan Hubinger , an AI safety veteran who’s done research at leading AI labs like OpenAI, and whose experience also includes stints at…
Yannic Kilcher on Being an AI Researcher and EducatorAn interview with Yannic Kilcher, an AI researcher who graduated from ETH Zurich’s data analytics lab and is now the CTO of DeepJudge
Alexander Veysov on Self-Teaching AI and Creating Open Speech-To-TextAn interview with Alexander Veysov, founder / owner of Silero, a company building Speech / NLP enabled products, and author of Open Speech-To-Text
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