Apr 28 • 1HR 6M

Greg Yang on Communicating Research, Tensor Programs, and µTransfer

An interview with Greg Yang, scientist at Microsoft Research focused on understanding large neural networks via the Tensor Programs framework.

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In the episode 25 of The Gradient Podcast, we talk to Greg Yang, senior researcher at Microsoft Research. Greg Yang’s Tensor Programs framework recently received attention for its role in the µTransfer paradigm for tuning the hyperparameters of large neural networks.

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(00:00) Intro
(01:50) Start in AI / Research
(05:55) Fear of Math in ML
(08:00) Presentation of Research
(17:35) Path to MSR
(21:20) Origin of Tensor Programs
(26:05) Refining TP’s Presentation
(39:55) The Sea of Garbage (Initializations) and the Oasis
(47:44) Scaling Up Further
(55:53) On Theory and Practice in Deep Learning
(01:05:28) Outro

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