Jul 7, 2022 • 47M

Lukas Biewald: Crowdsourcing at CrowdFlower and ML Tooling at Weights & Biases

A conversation with Lukas Biewald, a co-founder of ML tooling company Weights & Biases and crowdsourcing company Figure Eight Inc (formerly CrowdFlower)

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Andrey Kurenkov
Interviews with various people who research, build, or use AI, including academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.
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In episode 33 of The Gradient Podcast, Andrey Kurenkov speaks to Lukas Biewald.

Lukas Biewald is a co-founder of Weights and Biases, a company that creates developer tools for machine learning. Prior to that he was a co-founder and CEO of Figure Eight Inc. (formerly CrowdFlower) — an Internet company that collects training data for machine learning, which was sold for 300 million dollars.

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  • (00:00) Intro

  • (01:18) Start in AI

  • (06:17) CrowdFlower / Crowdsourcing

  • (21:06) Discovering Deep Learning 

  • (25:10) Learning Deep Learning

  • (32:50) Weights and Biases

  • (37:30) State of Tooling for ML 

  • (41:20) Exciting AI Trends

  • (44:42) Interests outside of AI

  • (45:40) Outro


Opportunity at Weights & Biases: