Chelsea Finn on Meta Learning & Model Based Reinforcement LearningAn interview Stanford Professor Chelsea Finn, whose research deals with the capability of robots and other agents to develop broadly intelligent behavi…
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In which we discuss a hierarchical approach to summarizing long documents such as books and rising evidence that large language models such as GPT-3 ha…
Devi Parikh on Generative Art & AI for CreativityAn interview with Devi Parikh, a professor at Georgia Tech whose research focuses on CV, NLP, embodied AI, human-AI collaboration, and AI for creativity
In which we discuss a the first bias bounty competition by Twitter and a new hierarchical multi-layer perception architecture for computer vision.
There are immediate next steps that we can take to improve the environmental posture of the AI systems that we build.
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Sergey Levine on Robot Learning & Offline RLAn interview with professor Sergey Levine, who researches Deep Reinforcement Learning with an emphasis on robotics, Offline Reinforcement Learning, and…
Gradient Community Discussion Thread #3 - a Gradient Subreddit?
Over a hundred researchers at Stanford think so. We are not so sure.
Jeremy Howard on Kaggle, Enlitic, and fast.aiAn interview with Jeremy Howard, a founding researcher at, an institute dedicated to making deep learning more accessible
In which we discuss a new proposal to tax “robot labor” and discuss the new report on "Foundation Models" such as GPT-3 from Stanford’s AI Lab.