Yann LeCun on his Start in Research and Self-Supervised LearningAn interview with Professor LeCun about his early days in AI research during the 80s and recent developments in self-supervised learning for computer v…
The creation, development, and deployment of machine translation technology is historically entangled with practices of surveillance and governance.
Anna Rogers on the Flaws of Peer Review in AIAn interview with Dr. Anna Rogers, a post-doctoral associate at the University of Copenhagen about her start in AI research and the state of peer revie…
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Hackers use VQGAN + CLIP to generate art. Deepmind solves a grand challenge in biology.
As machine learning scientists, we know that training data can make or break your model.
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Joel Simon on AI art and ArtbreederA conversation with Joel Simon, the creator of Artbreeder
Machine learning models are ubiquitous in our lives, and it is important to understand how they perform in the light of being fair, transparent, and ju…
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Abubakar Abid on AI for Genomics, Gradio, and the Fatima FellowshipA conversation with researcher, entrepreneur, and mentor Abubakar Abid
A review of recent advances in prompting in large language models.