In which we discuss the state of autonomous driving regulation, technology, and financing, as well as in-context learning in transformers.
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Laura Weidinger on Ethical Risks, Harms, and Alignment of Large Language ModelsA conversation with Laura Weidinger, a senior research scientist at DeepMind focused on AI ethics.
In which we discuss how generative AI is impacting the art landscape and Plex, a method from Google that extends pretrained language models for…
The Challenge of Drug Discovery
Sebastian Raschka: AI Education and ResearchA conversation with Sebastian Raschka, Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Lead AI Educator at Lightning AI.
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Graph theory may provide powerful means of understanding brain function at global and local levels, as well as network changes in the brain that occur…
Lt. General Jack Shanahan: AI in the DoD, Project Maven, and Bridging the Tech-DoD GapA conversation with Jack Shanahan, a former Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force and inaugural Director of the Joint AI Center in the U.S…
In which we discuss Meta's new AI translation model and two papers on transformers--one on a larger Swin Transformer and the other on democratizing…
Sara Hooker: Cohere For AI, the Hardware Lottery, and DL TradeoffsA conversation with Sara Hooker, head of Cohere for AI.