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The Gradient is a digital magazine covering research and trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide accessible and technically informed overviews of the what's going on AI, as well as a platform for perspectives on recent developments and long-term trends. This substack is our means to inform readers of new articles - subscribe to stay on top of everything we publish!

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We primarily host two types of articles: accessible but technically informed overviews of the state of the art and its future, and critical and well-informed perspectives on artificial intelligence topics by researchers and experts in the field. Some example articles includes:

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The Gradient
The Gradient is a digital magazine that aims to be a place for discussion about research and trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide
daniel bashir
"Monsieur, I absolutely cannot tell you if it has been raining. I live so resolutely beyond physical contingencies that my senses do not bother to notify me of them."
Tanmay Agarwal
Graduate Student in Computer Science at Stanford studying robotics and perception. Editor at The Gradient, primarily working on the newsletter.
Jonathan Xue
High school student in the Bay Area. Interning at The Gradient and helping out at Stanford’s GRACE AI ethics journal. Interested in AI applications, particularly those pertaining to NLP.
Andrey Kurenkov
Andrey Kurenkov is a PhD student with the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab. His work primarily focuses on applying deep reinforcement learning for robotic manipulation. He is also a co-founder and lead editor of both The Gradient and Skynet Today.
Ather Fawaz
A software engineer based in the UAE who loves to write about tech. Currently building data-driven, personalized, and scalable platforms for advertisements at Noon.
Derek Lim
AI researcher