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Steve Miller: Will AI Take Your Job? It's Not So Simple.

Steve Miller: Will AI Take Your Job? It's Not So Simple.

On human-AI collaboration, automation vs. augmentation, AI adoption, and what this all means for workers and companies.

In episode 58 of The Gradient Podcast, Daniel Bashir speaks to Professor Steve Miller.

Steve is a Professor Emeritus of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. Steve served as Founding Dean for the SMU School of Information Systems, and established and developed the technology core of SIS research and project capabilities in Cybersecurity, Data Management & Analytics, Intelligent Systems & Decision Analytics, and Software & Cyber-Physical Systems, as well as the management science oriented capability in Information Systems & Management. Steve works closely with a number of Singapore government ministries and agencies via steering committees, advisory boards, and advisory appointments.

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  • (00:00) Intro

  • (02:40) Steve’s evolution of interests in AI, time in academia and industry

  • (05:15) How different is this “industrial revolution”?

  • (10:00) What new technologies enable, the human role in technology’s impact on jobs

  • (11:35) Automation and augmentation and the realities of integrating new technologies in the workplace

  • (21:50) Difficulties of applying AI systems in real-world contexts

  • (32:45) Re-calibrating human work with intelligent machines

  • (39:00) Steve’s thinking on the nature of human/machine intelligence, implications for human/machine hybrid work

  • (47:00) Tradeoffs in using ML systems for automation/augmentation

  • (52:40) Organizational adoption of AI and speed

  • (1:01:55) Technology adoption is more than just a technology problem

  • (1:04:50) Progress narratives, “safe to speed”

  • (1:10:27) Outro