Jan 5 • 1HR 15M

Pete Florence: Dense Visual Representations, NeRFs, and LLMs for Robotics

On how robotics can benefit from dense visual representations, neural radiance fields, and large language models

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Andrey Kurenkov
Interviews with various people who research, build, or use AI, including academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.
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In episode 54 of The Gradient Podcast, Andrey Kurenkov speaks with Pete Florence.

Note: this was recorded 2 months ago. Andrey should be getting back to putting out some episodes next year.

Pete Florence is a Research Scientist at Google Research on the Robotics at Google team inside Brain Team in Google Research. His research focuses on topics in robotics, computer vision, and natural language -- including 3D learning, self-supervised learning, and policy learning in robotics. Before Google, he finished his PhD in Computer Science at MIT with Russ Tedrake.

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  • (00:00:00) Intro

  • (00:01:16) Start in AI

  • (00:04:15) PhD Work with Quadcopters

  • (00:08:40) Dense Visual Representations 

  • (00:22:00) NeRFs for Robotics

  • (00:39:00) Language Models for Robotics

  • (00:57:00) Talking to Robots in Real Time

  • (01:07:00) Limitations

  • (01:14:00) Outro

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