New perks for paying subscribers + give-away!

Hello Gradient readers and listeners,

Exciting news! We are adding a whole bunch of perks for paying subscribers:

  • Exclusive Podcast content: extra chit-chat audio with the guests of our interviews, plus exclusive interviews with authors of Gradient articles

  • Exclusive Update content: a special ‘mini-update’ in between each Update with our usual round-up of AI news and new papers

  • Early access to content: in addition to sending early access previews of articles, we will send early access to new podcast interviews

Get 30% off forever

And fret not free subscribers! You will still keep getting all the content you are receiving right now.
PLUS If you’d like access to this stuff, we will also be giving out up to 25 free lifetime paid subscriptions, and all you have to do is one of the following:

  • Leave a 100+ word review for our podcast on Apple Podcasts. We’d appreciate a five-star review, but feel free to be critical too!

  • Leave a 100+ word comment on this Thread with your thoughts on The Gradient as whole (what you like, what you don’t like, and ideas/suggestions on how we could improve)

  • Re-tweet your favorite Gradient Podcast interview with a 120+ character comment as to why you liked it, or just tweet about your feelings about The Gradient as whole

Then just email us with a screenshot over at and we’ll randomly choose the winners.

We would really appreciate hearing your feelings and thoughts about The Gradient :)