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Miles Grimshaw: Benchmark, LangChain, and Investing in AI

Miles Grimshaw: Benchmark, LangChain, and Investing in AI

On investing in AI through the deep learning decade, Benchmark's LangChain investment, and emerging opportunities for AI.

In episode 90 of The Gradient Podcast, Daniel Bashir speaks to Miles Grimshaw.

Miles is General Partner at Benchmark. He was previously a General Partner at Thrive Capital, where he helped the firm raise its fourth and fifth funds, and sourced deals in Lattice, Mapbox, Benchling, and Airtable, among others.

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  • (00:00) Intro

  • (02:48) Miles’ background (note: Miles is now the second newest GP at Benchmark)

  • (06:07) Miles’ investment philosophy and previous investments

  • (12:25) Investing in the “decade of deep learning” and how Miles became interested in AI

  • (18:53) Miles’ / Benchmark’s investment in Langchain

  • (24:29) On AI advances and adoption

  • (39:25) Hardware shortages, radically changing UX for LLMs

  • (48:12) Opportunities for AI applications in new domains

  • (50:15) Miles’ advice for potential founders in AI

  • (1:00:00) Outro


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