Great episode. I am all about expanding the modalities of consciousness. Reminded me a bit of Latour’s recent volume on the different modes of being. I am also reminded of the work of Rupert Sheldrake. Came across this guy back in 2010. He was then in search of causes for changes in organic systems and was not satisfied by the micro- vs. macro-divisions of processes and thus theorized the existence of morphogenetic fields. I now realize he was talking about these waves of information your guests have the tools to measure unlike Sheldrake back on the day. It is really interesting... this thing we call science. Sheldrake was doubted on many fronts, but technology appears to be catching up with his line of thinking. https://www.sheldrake.org/research/morphic-resonance/introduction#:~:text=Morphogenetic%20fields%20are%20not%20fixed,of%20their%20common%20ancestors%2C%20wolves.

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Great episode . I don't think it could have been more interesting !

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Thank you for this great episode. I have long enjoyed Michael Levin's work and discussing with him. A lot of what Michael and Adam said resonates well with a line of research on (bio)complexity that has a long history but remains unnoticed, if not suppressed, by mainstream reductionism - the type of approach that Levin also criticizes. What I missed was any mention of his long history of complexity sciences and their pioneers. This would have been due, not only for scientific/historical accuracy, but also, because, deep learning is so complex that research on how AI works and why it works, more and more looks like what biologists studying biocomplexity have been doing for almost a century. A flavor of this intersect between "emergent" phenomena in AI (speculative) and in the biosphere (well established) can be found in this essay:


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Great episode! This is the world I live in and understand too well given my situation.

When it comes to building up livable & conventional views of intelligence, I will definitely stay tuned in! Just for my background, I majored in philosophy in college, became a lawyer, and then had a severe traumatic brain injury.

Having perceptions, ideas, and concepts related to consciousness seems to be the only reason God decided to make sure I’m still around have dying https://medium.com/@Niknello/archaeology-of-myself-recovering-from-a-brain-injury-e2909b96f86f.

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