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The Gradient: Perspectives on AI
Laurence Liew: AI Singapore
Laurence Liew: AI Singapore
On the AI Singapore program, developing generational AI talent, and Singapore's place in the global AI ecosystem.

In episode 98 of The Gradient Podcast, Daniel Bashir speaks to Laurence Liew.

Laurence is the Director for AI Innovation at AI Singapore. He is driving the adoption of AI by the Singapore ecosystem through the 100 Experiments, AI Apprenticeship Programmes and the Generational AI Talent Development initiative. He is the current Co-Chair of the Innovations and Commercialisation working group and Co-Chair of the "Broad Adoption of AI by SME" committee.

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  • (00:00) Intro

  • (02:25) Laurence’s background

  • (07:00) AI Singapore and Singapore’s AI Strategy

  • (08:27) Awareness and adoption of AI in Singapore

  • (19:45) AI Apprenticeship Program stories

  • (27:35) Developing generational AI talent within Singapore, literacy

  • (32:25) Singapore’s place within the global AI ecosystem

  • (38:30) How the generative AI boom has affected Singapore

  • (43:50) Laurence’s vision for the future of Singapore’s tech ecosystem

  • (49:41) Outro


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The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

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