Joel Simon on AI art and Artbreeder

A conversation with Joel Simon, the creator of Artbreeder


In episode 4 of The Gradient Podcast, we interview artist, engineer, and entrepreneur Joel Simon.

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Joel Simon is a multidisciplinary artist, toolmaker, and researcher. He studied computer science and art at Carnegie Mellon University, worked on bioinformatics at Rockefeller University, and most recently is the founder and director of Morphogen, a generative design company developing Artbreeder, a massively collaborative creative tool and network. His interests lie in the intersection of computer science, biology and design as well as furniture-design, collaborative-creativity, sculpture and game-design.

Theme: “MusicVAE: Trio 16-bar Sample #2” from "MusicVAE: A Hierarchical Latent Vector Model for Learning Long-Term Structure in Music".