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Anant Agarwal: AI for Education

Anant Agarwal: AI for Education

On new features in EdX for education, ChatGPT's impact on student success, and more!

In episode 85 of The Gradient Podcast, Andrey Kurenkov speaks to Anant Agarwal

Anant Agarwal is the chief platform officer of 2U, and founder of edX. Anant taught the first edX course on circuits and electronics from MIT, which drew 155,000 students from 162 countries. He has served as the director of CSAIL, MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, having co-founded several companies including Tilera Corporation, which created the Tile multicore processor, and Virtual Machine Works.

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  • (00:00) Intro

  • (01:30) History with research

  • (05:56) Founding EdX

  • (13:05) AI at EdX

  • (18:40) Reaction to AI as a teacher

  • (25:00) Student interest in AI

  • (32:20) AI’s impact on academia

  • (35:00) Future of AI in education

  • (38:25) AI writing essays

  • (43:38) Experiences playing with ChatGPT

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