The Update

Biweekly updates covering recent AI news and research

In which we discuss OpenAI's new multilingual speech-to-text system and a new model for generating images of human motion.
In which we discuss two recent content moderation decisions from Meta's Oversight Board and new work on merging neural networks, including Git Re-Basin.
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In which we discuss the US banning sales of Nvidia and AMD chips to China and Cold Diffusion, a method for inverting arbitrary image transformations.
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In which we discuss the realities of AI's use in healthcare and two exciting advances in using 8-bit quantization for ML training and inference.
In which we discuss the state of autonomous driving regulation, technology, and financing, as well as in-context learning in transformers.
In which we discuss how generative AI is impacting the art landscape and Plex, a method from Google that extends pretrained language models for…
In which we discuss Meta's new AI translation model and two papers on transformers--one on a larger Swin Transformer and the other on democratizing…
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