Steve Miller: Will AI Take Your Job? It's Not So Simple.On human-AI collaboration, automation vs. augmentation, AI adoption, and what this all means for workers and companies.
CNET finds that AI-assisted writing isn't as easy as it bargained, and masking-based self-supervised learning makes strides (+ Author Q&A)
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Blair Attard-Frost: Canada’s AI strategy and the ethics of AI business practicesOn AI Governance in general and in Canada in particular, and a review of 47 AI business ethics guidelines
In which we discuss AI for creating proteins and generating electronic health records.
Zac Cogley considers the design of robots that would be responsive to human criticism and blame.
Kenneth Li describes evidence suggesting world models.
Linus Lee: At the Boundary of Machine and MindOn language, notation, better tools and mediums for thought
Forums, AI conferences, and schools contend with the realities of ChatGPT and robots perform tasks specified using both images and text.
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